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Alienation and Isolation in The Metamorphosis Essay

3 Steps to Acing Your Upcoming Group Interview You’ve been approached in for a board meet. Perhaps you’re threatened. Perhaps frightened. Possibly you’re not even sure you comprehend what that really involves. Whatever your degree of fear, here are three simple strides to traversing your board meet tranquilly and in one piece. Stage 1: BEFOREYou reserve the privilege to ask who will be on your board. Do this. At that point inquire about each board part as well as could be expected. You’ll have the option to make sense of a considerable amount and get ready better for what each may be generally quick to ask you. What does this specific gathering of individuals educate you regarding what the organization is attempting to assess?You can likewise ask to what extent (generally) the meeting should last. This will give you a nice sentiment for what amount to and fro conversation will be conceivable, how much space you’ll be given to pose inquiries, to what extent your answers can be, etc.Step 2: DURING Treat every individual on the board like an individual not simply one more anonymous face. This isn't an indifferent divider asking you inquiries. Every questioner on your board is another chance to make a human association and persuade that a lot more individuals in the organization what an extraordinary fit you would be.Be sure to observe everybody’s name as they are presented. Record every one if that causes you recall. When responding to questions, talk straightforwardly to the person who asked, yet then attempt to widen your answer out to cause the remainder of the board to feel remembered for the discussion.Step 3: AFTERYou’ve took in their names and put forth an attempt to interface with each board part presently thank every single one of them earnestly withâ solid eye to eye connection and a quality handshake. From that point forward, it’s the typical post-meet follow-up methodology. Be that as it may, recall that you have to keep in touch with one card to say thanks for each board part. It appears to be a torment, however it’s these little contacts that will help set you apart.The board talk with: 6 hints for previously, during, and after

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Factors Affecting University Students Performance Essay Sample free essay sample

We can determine understudy as a researcher or individual who goes to an instructive foundation, for example, individuals who go to class or college. Not only that. any individual who look for discernment or data can other than be view as a student. With regards to larning. what we need to cognize is the terminal result. We can achieve this by hiting on tests and preliminary or some other organizations to gauge us during the entire obtaining Sessionss. Determinants of student’s open introduction have been the subject of on-going contention among teachers and employees. There have been numerous surveies that tried to examine this issues and their discoveries call attention to monetary help. family unit support and student’s disposition towards achieving accomplishment as elements that influence understudies open introduction. Monetary issue have gotten one of the significant ground for students dot out. A student’s life rotates around surveies with the point of co nvergence towards a brilliant henceforth. We will compose a custom paper test on Variables Affecting University Students Performance Essay Sample or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page However, there is other than an extra in their life that has subjugated numerous understudies and which each student fears ; and that is monetary burden. Fesse for college or school go in any case from private to state funded colleges. State funded colleges in Malaysia are money by the specialists and offer sponsor to understudies who select into state funded colleges. In the mean time. the individuals who go to private school or colleges would hold to pay double ( in some cases significantly more ) than the individuals who go to specialists based colleges. Relatively few family units figure out how to pay for their children higher guidance ( Nasri and Ahmed. 2006 ) Numerous students choose to stop school on the grounds that their family unit can no longer stand to pay for their review. Money related employment other than lead understudies to take partition cut occupation so as to help their family. expecting less clasp to break down and little point of convergence in giving their best to achieve great result. Along these lines. grouped colleges. huge corporate organizations and specialists offer monetary help and grant to oppressed s tudents. Research have demonstrated that fund influence the capacity of understudies to achieve and progress higher achievement. An expansion in help to students mean less accentuation related with paying for educational cost. books and life disbursals with higher GPA as the by-stocks ( Crosby. 2011 ) . Beside financial help. family support other than play an enormous segment to uplift understudies open introduction. An understudies scholarly achievement was extraordinarily impact by their family. the individual with whom they spend a cluster of clasp together. Family can and make hold positive and negative impact on how great their children do at school. It is all around acknowledged that the nature of family connections has of import relationship with children’s and adolescents’ scholarly thought process and achievement. Moreover. guardians need to gracefully solid life status for their children ( ‘most individuals will’ . n. nutrient D ) . Understudies that originate from begging to be proven wrong family were unrealistic to execute better than different students who lead an ordinary live at place. For representation. family unit condition have power in discovering students’ school achievement. scholarly thought process. what's more, the figure of mature ages of tutoring they will have. At the point when guardians show a functioning contribution in what the student’s realize. understudies will execute better. Many accept that. students venture towards college achievement started at place. Guardians should guide their children position of guidance yet non to set unneeded power per unit territory on them. Understudies do best if guardians can play a grouping of capacities in their securing. be aftering their children’s in the future and taking segment in cardinal conclusions about the school plan. The gift and backing of family unit is much of the time extremely of import to individuals in indicting their closures especially in scholarly field. So. guardians ought to be strong towards their children picks sing off classs and way they need to take. Other than that. student’s endeavor towards achieving achievement other than one of the components that oversee understudies achievement. Research has demonstrated that a major figure of students’ open introductions are influenced by their mentalities towards explicit points. guidance and employees as a rule. It has been proposed that when understudies exhibit hebdomad committedness to their employees so they will undoubtedly underachieve. Moreover. a few understudies with an unreasonable situation of themselves may execute sick too much. For case. the individuals who will in general be cocksure or ignorant about the requests of their employees may hold extremely hapless achievement since they don’t recognize what unequivocally they have to make in other to hang out in that classification. Alternately. at the point when understudies do non trust in themselves or when they have low self image confirmation. there are openings are that they will fail to meet expecta tions. Understudies should attempt to make the best on their surveies ( Twist. n. nutrient D ) . Fruitful understudies make a committedness to make the stuff to be effective. They intend to be fruitful in all features of their college experience. Lamentably a few students will in general dodge classifications where they perform sick, for example, in logical control or arithmetic. so they will in general expel in classes. late to manus in assignments and score sick in examination. They shouldn’t skip classes or didn’t accomplish the work given since it can affect their GPA and they may get troublesome situation from the educators or instructors. One quality of an effective students is. they make a decent use of clasp and they ever turn in their assignments on cut. Effective understudies other than take an interest in classification treatment. They see their instructors previously or after classification or during available time about classs. comments on their records. what's more, moving toward preliminaries. . They’ll leave their way to happen the educator and take part in important discussion. These understudies show to the instructor that they are dynamic members in the obtaining system and that they take the control of being a student sincerely. Understudies need to utilize the correct review achievements for them in other to determine great classs ( Cuesta College. n. nutrient D ) . Effective students thinks review plan is basic to them. Having review motivation make it simpler to investigate and to partake in extracurricular exercises. In any case. they other than take a decent note during class and overhaul it hence during their free clasp. In choice. understudies open introduction can be impact by grouped variables. In any case, the three significant grounds are monetary help. family unit support and student’s mentality towards achieving achievement. Notices Heather. C. ( 2011 ) . Components affecting local American school understudies achievement. Recovered July 10.2012. from hypertext move convention:/advanced. library. txstate. edu. bitterstream.Nasri Harb A ; Ahmed El-Shaarawi. ( 2006 ) . Components affecting student’s open introduction. Recovered July10. 2012. from mpra. ub. uni-muenchen. de/136211/1/MPRA.Characteristic of a fruitful understudy. ( n. d. ) . Recovered July 10. 2012. fromacademic. cuesta. edu/acasupp/as/201. HTM.How to be a fruitful student. ( n. d. ) . Recovered July 10. 2012. fromWorld Wide Web. wikihow. com/Be-a-succesful-student.Benjamin. T. ( n. d. ) . Instructions to be a decent student. Recovered July 10. 2012. fromWorld Wide Web. ehow. com/how-2039704-be-acceptable understudy. hypertext markup language.

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Problem Solving Essay Topics For College

Problem Solving Essay Topics For CollegeI want to show you some problems solving essay topics for college. These are easy to prepare and you can use them in your current academic year. Let's get started.This essay will ask for a hypothesis, a short description of how the problem is solved, and a basic explanation of what the big bang theory is. For the description of the problem, make sure it is a simple one that will focus on the method of doing something. Many people go with the 'what' part. But if you can't find an actual problem, simply explain what you see is happening.So here's the big bang theory. Some people believe that the universe began as a very hot state in which all matter was concentrated. This created the gas that we see today, which gave birth to the stars and galaxies.The big bang theory is an interesting idea, but you need to know more. We also have to look at all the different theories that may arise.For example, consider the possibility that the whole universe co uld be a large computer, and maybe you can make a scientific explanation that goes from that. For all we know, there might be life in other planets or perhaps one day we might all be able to communicate with each other through telepathy.The problem solving essay topics for college are also great because they do not involve math. You don't need to worry about a solution that requires a complicated equation. It will always be something that just happens naturally.These essay topics for college are also great for your report card. There is nothing more annoying than getting an A for a project that has been handed in before the deadline. Knowing that you did your best, means more than what you got.

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Overview of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - 1201 Words

â€Å"Pride and Prejudice† is a novel written by Jane Austen. Jane Austen is an 18th 19th century English novelist. The novel was published in 1813. Millions of copies of the novel have been sold over the years. The novel has many adaptations including the popular 1995 BBC television version starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. This 1995 version stays true to the original story. The conflict facing the main character was a common one in the 19th century; women who lacked a fortune needed to marry well (in other words marry a rich gentleman regardless of love). This is exactly the position in which the novel’s protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet, finds herself. Elizabeth is the second oldest out of the five Bennet sisters: Jane, Elizabeth,†¦show more content†¦Darcy surprisingly shows up to visit his aunt. Elizabeth finds out that Bingley had planned on proposing to Jane (as everyone had hoped); however Darcy intervened and this causes her to become extremely angry with him. Darcy then proposes to Elizabeth out of the blue. â€Å"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.† Elizabeth is shocked and surprised; then refuses him. She accuses him with Wickham’s story as well as being responsible for tearing apart Bingley and her sister. Darcy’s response, â€Å"And this is your opinion of me!† â€Å"You could not have made the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it† Elizabeth replied. The following day Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter containing his honest and truthful accounts of the two situations that she accused him of. First, he explained that Wickham is a liar, gambler, and tried to elope with Darcy’s sister (who was only 15 yrs. old at the time). Second, Darcy believed Jane was only after his money and thought he was saving his friend from making a terrible mistake. Elizabeth feels remorse now for unjustly accusing him without proof. Time passes and Lydia decides to follow the militia officers to their next station. Also, Elizabeth’s aunt and uncle ask her to go with them to Derbyshire coincidentally this isShow MoreRelatedPride and Prejudice by Jane Austen1324 Words   |  5 Pagesjudgment of others? Jane Austen explores these themes in her novel Pride and Prejudice, which takes place in the early nineteenth century. In this famous novel, Elizabeth Bennet, who is the protagonist, is intelligent, witty, and the most sensible of the five Bennet sisters, who all face challenges with social rules and expectations. Conflicts and parental pressure arise through Mrs. Bennet whose only goal in life is to marry her daughters off. Austen’s tone gives an overview of the plot via theRead MoreFeminist Undertones in Pride and Prejudice2078 Words   |  9 PagesFEMINIST UNDERTONES IN ‘PRIDE AND PREJUDICE’ Introduction Jane Austen authored the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in 1813, a period in the social history of England that saw most women as best equipped for the private and domestic realm. An ideal woman was the picture of chastity, innocence and compliancy. Even women authors in this period were expected to adhere to genres that were considered to be solely their domain- the refined arts, householdRead More A Comparison of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen Essay2446 Words   |  10 PagesA Comparison of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen ADVANCED ENGLISH LANGUAGE ESSAY Of the many authors to emerge during the nineteenth-century, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen were among the few who would make a lasting impression on the literary world for generations. Hard Times, often referred to as Dickens’ ‘Industrial novel’ and Austen’s Pride and Prejudice have been much read and well-loved classics for many years. It is the purpose of this essay to compare and contrast the different Read MoreJane Austen And The Golden Mean2893 Words   |  12 PagesFebruary 2015 Jane Austen and The Golden Mean One of the most famous authors of the Regency period, Jane Austen, the novelist whom wrote Sense and Sensibility and many other novels, made a splash in the literature world for women. Being a woman was very difficult during the Regency period and women were not treated as equals to men. In the novel, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen shows the strength of women and how even when all the odds are against them hope still exists. Austen demonstrates howRead MoreJane Austen’s Novels and the Contemporary Social and Literary Conventions.12979 Words   |  52 PagesIntroduction to the Novel. 11 2.2. The Novel of Manners, Sentiment and Emulation. 12 2.3 The Gothic Romance. 13 3. Jane Austen and Her Novels in relation to the Contemporary Literature. 15 3.1. Austen’s Criticism about the Contemporary Fiction. 15 3.2. Jane Austen as a Conservative Writer and as a Social Critic. 16 3.3. Austen’s writing in her own perception. 17 4. Pride and Prejudice. 20 4.1. Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy – the Reversed Ideals. 20 22 5. Emma 23 5.1. Emma the heroine. 23

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Uncertainty Reduction Theory Essay - 685 Words

The Uncertainty Reduction Theory states that before and during initial interactions between two people, ones first instinct is to reduce uncertainty about the other through various methods. For example, when you see someone you think you would like to know, you try and figure out what they are like through various methods so you can control the conversation and steer it into a path that the other person finds interesting. There are a few methods, or strategies, of figuring out what the other person likes: passive, active, and interactive. In the passive strategy, you try to find out the other persons interests through observation from afar. This happens without their knowledge, because youre trying to figure out what theyre like†¦show more content†¦This happens most frequently in what is commonly referred to as â€Å"small talk.† Since I am a rather shy person, I dont generally use the active nor the interactive strategy of reducing uncertainty. However, because I do spend most of my time online, the easiest way of finding out more information about someone is through passive strategy. While most people do think its a little creepy to search for someone specifically, even more would agree that it would be creepy to start a conversation with friends of a person youre searching about online. In real-life encounters, I still generally use the passive strategy of observing people, mainly because my social skills are less-than-adequate. From my non-experience, I can infer that each of the interpersonal encounters have their benefits and drawbacks. The passive strategy does get you information about the person youre looking for, but if it comes up how you got the information you know, it could severely impact the potential relationship you could have with that person. The active strategy gives you information by proxy, and also has the added bonus of getting to know the kind of people your person socializes with, as well. Unfortunately, as previously stated, faulty information is easy to get with this method, and its possible the people you talk with will tell the person you want to know, causing them to avoid you. And finally, the interactive strategy givesShow MoreRelatedUncertainty Reduction Theory3285 Words   |  14 Pagesnumber of uncertainties; some small and miniscule, such as meeting a student next to you in a classroom, while others life-changing and pivotal, including switching careers or becoming a parent. As each new unpredictable day arises, uncertainty fills the air, constantly swarming one’s emotions and daily interactions. While factors of uncertainty revolve around routinely aspects, Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese (1975) narrowed their focus and devised a theory specifically on uncertainty and interpersonalRead MoreThe Uncertainty Reduction Theory And The Face Negotiation Theory1756 Words   |  8 PagesDuring the course of this paper two communication theories will be reviewed and analyzed. The two theories will first be introduced, followed by comparing and contrasting the implications, assumptions and concepts of both theories. The two communication theories that have been chosen are the Uncertainty Reduction Theory and the Face Negotiation Theory. The theories were not chosen randomly, they were chosen because they both deal with how individuals perceive one another, as well as themselves, inRead MoreEssay on A Critique of Bergers Uncertainty Reduction Theory901 Words   |  4 PagesA Critique of Bergers Uncertainty Reduction Theory How do people get to know each other? Bugs Bunny likes to open up every conversation with the question, Whats up Doc? Why does he do this? Is Bugs Bunny uncertain? Lets explore this idea of uncertainty. Shifting focus now to college students. As many other college students at Ohio University, I am put into situations that make me uncertain of my surroundings almost every time I go to a class for the first time, a group meeting, or socialRead MoreUncertainty Reduction Theory â€Å"the Vow† and â€Å"Meet the Parents†1720 Words   |  7 PagesUncertainty Reduction Theory â€Å"The Vow† and â€Å"Meet the Parents† Uncertainty reduction theory is â€Å"the point of view that uncertainty motivates communication and that certainty reduces the motivation to communicate† (Wood, definition). This theory was first developed by Charles Berger. He believed that when people are to meet for the first time they have a high level of uncertainty and the only way for them to reduce it is to communicate with one another. â€Å"They don’t know what each other likesRead MoreAnalysis of the Uncertainty Reduction Theory on Interpersonal Communication1521 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of the Uncertainty Reduction theory on interpersonal communication Through this paper I will conduct an analysis of the uncertainty reduction theory and will then apply it to my own experience here in Colorado university. This theory has been subject to many articles and studies in the communication and social departments. Indeed, studying this theory can help us understanding human relations in interpersonal communication. Each of us has been one day confronted to uncertainty, whereas inRead MoreA First Look At Communication Theory : Ninth Edition ( 2015 ) And Charles Bergers Uncertainty Reduction Theory2032 Words   |  9 Pagessurrounded by uncertainty and change in our everyday life even if we do not realize it. Meeting new people is not always easy but fortunately there are a few ways that you can cope with this uncertainty. Our book A first look at Communication Theory: Ninth Edition (2015) and Charles Berger’s Uncertainty Reduction Theory he states that (URT) focuses on how human communication is used to gain knowledge and create understanding. This paper will narrow in on the topic of ways to cope with uncertainty in a friendshipRead MoreThe Uncertainty Reduction Theory Of Uncertainty1395 Words   |  6 Pages The uncertainty reduction theory describes when individuals who are defined as strangers engage in their first conversation when communication uncertainties are bound to occur. When strangers encounter for the first time, they are worried about the increasing certainty to make sense of their first communication occurrence even before the actual communication process takes place. When strangers have a first-time occurrence of communicating, their conversation is just trying to make sense of theirRead MoreUncertainty Reduction Theory1967 Words   |  8 PagesJonathan Quinones Literature Review Paper Comm 306 Uncertainty Reduction Theory Uncertainty is an unpleasant feeling and because of this feeling, people are motivated to reduce this uncertainty by means of communication. Uncertainty reduction theory (URT) was developed to describe the interrelationships in any type of communication exchange using seven factors: verbal communication, nonverbal expressiveness, information-seeking behavior, intimacy, reciprocity, similarity, and liking (BergerRead MoreUncertainty Reduction Theory3317 Words   |  13 Pagesfirst time, their primary thought is one of uncertainty. These doubts are natural, as the two attempt to predict the outcome of the initial encounter. Charles Berger founded this theory of Uncertainty Reduction, and defines it as, â€Å"When people meet, their primary concern is to reduce uncertainty about each other and their relationship. As verbal output, nonverbal warmth, self-disclosure, similarity, and shared communication networks increase uncertainty decreases, and vice versa. Information seekingRead M oreUncertainty Reduction Theory Essay4674 Words   |  19 Pageswith uncertainty reduction theory from its origin to date. Ever since uncertainty reduction theory was first created, many researchers have examined it by comparing it with other theories. Uncertainty reduction theory had been tested across different cultures in order to confirm its generalizability. It had also been applied to real life situations to examine how individuals interact in their initial encounters with strangers. In addition, researchers suggested testing uncertainty reduction theory

Andy Warhol The Goal of His Art Essay Example For Students

Andy Warhol: The Goal of His Art Essay After Warhol moved to New York, work came quickly for him and Within a year Of arriving, he received huge assignments as an advertising artist for a variety of high standing clients such as Columbia Records, Tiffany camp; co. , Vogue, and many Others (The Andy Warhol Foundation. ) Whatever Andy illustrated from shampoo to perfume, there was a sense of decorative originality and it made his work eye catching. He would place various objects in the advertisement and they always had a slight suggestiveness to them, one that businessmen would recognize and approve (Wren 7. Andy stated that he was paid well for his commercial art and whatever was asked of him to draw or paint he would do it, it they wanted corrections he would do it, and after all those corrections, the commercial art would have attitude and style, He believed that the process of creating commercial art was machine-like but it had feeling to it. Whatever he did was machine-like and it that way because he wanted it to be, he believed that machines had less problems and he wanted mechanical depictions. Warhol was motivated by money and he wanted to be a businessman/artist. The goal of his art was to make a profit because TFH business art doesnt support its own space, it goes out of business. (Wren 12. ) Whorls success as a commercial designer was due greatly to his ability to take the uneducated and unskilled collectors and throw them in to the most advanced and sophisticated social setting of professional alienation, this he called advertisement design (Sera 8. ) Then the idea Of Pop Art came in to play. Andy Warhol became the symbol of Pop Art and almost single handedly modernized the aesthetic tradition in the art world (Fearer 5. Pop Art challenged the traditions of fine art by adding in the subjects seen throughout popular culture. Sometimes the subject of the Pop Art is removed from its context and combined with unrelated imagery and material. Pop artists created images that anyone walking down the street would be able to recognize in no time and because of this there was a sense of artistic piracy because these images were not coming from the artists imagination but as something they see and select to make their subject. They were things that ranged from comics and shower curtains o celebrities and bras. They were images of all the great things that abstract expressionists tried 50 hard to not notice at all (Wren 13. ) Andy believed that art should not be tort the select few but tort the mass to America to enjoy. When asked about one of his most famous paintings, The Campbell Soup Can, he said, l wanted to paint nothing. Was looking for something that was the essence of nothing, and the soup can was 21 e) Although as Warhol said he prefers to leave his background as mystery and whenever asked why he made a particular image he makes up a story. He seems to always forget the story he made up the day before and therefore has to come up with a completely new on the next day to satisfy another persons question. Andy Warhol bridges the gap between two primary poles in modern art and they are the formal/constructivist branch and the avian-garden branch (Mayer 32-33. )When creating art he would use silk-screens, which is a technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink- blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas Of mesh that transfer ink. A fill blade is moved across the screen stencil, forcing ink into the mesh penning for transfer by capillary action during the stroke. Because Andy was not actually drawing on the piece of work, it lost all personal ties with the artist and when he would press the ink filled paper onto what would become the finished piece of work, the lines took an irregular form. Warhol uses repetition in his paintings to guide the on looker away from any feelings of empathy and intimacy. His style ends the need for interpretation because the surface of the work is a recognizable reality that still moves the viewers (Rev 9. Whorls work can best e described using Plats allegory of the cave that man is trapped in a shadowed realm and subjected to the delusion that the shadows are hardly distinguishable from the real world. In Whorls paintings after-images of humanity are projected on a surface that has been altered through color and cosmetics so they become unlike real life. The reason he painted so w ithdrawn can be linked to his lack of social development when he avgas younger, he was unpleasant with his classmates, showed little to no appreciation or interest in anything, but he had always seemed to have a goal in mind. .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a , .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .postImageUrl , .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a , .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:hover , .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:visited , .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:active { border:0!important; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:active , .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u66796c820eb46bda5e716456d28c9f6a:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: The Influence Of Technology in Both the Artist and the Art EssayIt is said that Warhol aimed to become like Henry Matisse because he was so well known in his career that all he had to do was tear up pieces of paper and glue them together and they would become 3 masterpiece. Warhol aimed to have that world- Wide recognition (Wren 12. ) He began to portray celebrities in his works of art. Although the works had very similar names, they were done in different fashions. This shows how Whorls work began to progress and become increasingly experimental in such a short amount of time. Both paintings Double Liz and Double Elvis were done in 1963 ND both were done with only the med ium as a connection. For Double Liz, Warhol set two enlarged illustrations of Liz Taylor on a canvas that was primed with silver; there is hardly a contrast in themes and the figure blends into the background. He creates a rectangular form that is placed in front of the silvers background. Double Liz was printed on a single, continuous roll of canvas, When creating Double Elvis, he no longer wanted to show a surface tone and this painting shows Elvis slightly overlapping himself and his dealer Irving Blue was instructed to stretch and cut them to Whorls desired taste. The TNT stars were united in an exhibition at the peruse Gallery. Warhol printed almost entirely on silver backgrounds during his most extreme phase of the exhibitions preparations which amortized his stars not on the great silver screen but in his silver silkscreen paintings (Cant 114-117. ) Warhol said, No matter how good you are, if youre not promoted right, you boons be 23. ) His statement is completely true and this is one of the reasons he took a liking to portraying celebrities in his images. If the celebrities talked highly of him and created a buzz then he would be remembered just as they would. Andy began his film career in the early asss. He vaunted to depict simple scenes of how people could meet each other and what they could discuss. Some films would be of just one actor, smoking or eating because people go to the movies usually to see the star. They were very raw versions of film. Andy wasnt doing experimental film; he was really experimenting With people and the way they behaved as a character. Warhol enjoyed making movies that had no script, especially no plot because if it had a plot and you have seen it once, then you wouldnt want to watch it again because you already know the ending. But if it is just a conversation between two people, then you can catch things you missed the first time. A major theme in all of Antas work is that he enjoys seeing the same image or scene over and over again. He has been called boring because he likes the same things but whether its in his prints or films, you can catch something new and different that you may have noticed the first time you saw them and it might evoke a different feeling upon seeing it again (Andy, The subjects of his movies were unlike those being made in the present day. They were really quite simple. What he created remoter the consumers interests, he created for himself hut the public fell in love. Warhol was a visionary who used such a vague aspect of pop culture and turned it into a phenomenon. No matter which medium of art he chose to engage in, Whorls themes centered on consumerism. His work was driven by the idea of being around celebrities and having money, just a few years later he would become the celebrity and have the most expensive paintings sold in the United States. Works Cited Books: Cant, Hate. Andy Warhol The Early Sixties: Paintings and Drawings 1961-1964.

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Only God Can Judge Me free essay sample

That’s why police didn’t tried to accuse her killing her own husband. In the story we truly understand the significant of the expression, don’t judge a book by its cover. Police officers never intended to accuse Mary Maloney of murdering her husband. Mary Maloney looking innocent, acting like she never do anything, and made up a fake story to draw away suspicious from her. After she killed Patrick Maloney by hitting him with the leg of the lamb, she was nervous and afraid that the police will know she slaughtered her own husband just because she do not want Patrick to leaver her. That’s why Mary Maloney turned evil and hit Patrick with the leg of lamb. After she smash him, Mary was afraid that police will take her but she figured out a plan to draw away suspicious. In the text, after savage Patrick, â€Å" All the love for him came back to her and she ran over to him, knelt down beside him, and began to cry hard. We will write a custom essay sample on Only God Can Judge Me or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It was easy. No acting necessary. † (Dahl,4) This quote means that she planned everything acting like she was gone the all time to draw suspicious so police would not accuse her. People in the outside are not the same in the inside because in the outside doesn’t give you a lot of information but the inside part does. It is like a book, the book might have a boring caption or title but when you read it, it is good and interesting. When all the police officers, detective started to come, Mary Maloney still acted like an honesty women and tried to be nice so they would not tried to blame her because the way she treat them, asking if they thirsty and offering food to eat. In the text it says, â€Å"The ean searching the rooms were getting tired, â€Å"Jack†, she said, â€Å" Would you like a drink? You must be extremely tired. † (Dahl, 4) This qoute means that she was trying to be nice so they would not accuse her or tried to blame from killing Patrick. Mary Maloney is really evil person on this part because she really thought a good excuses so they will not accuse her. Looks are really deceiving. Don’t mistaken someones personality b ased on how they look and act because look are not their personality. Only what inside of them tells you who really they are and what their personality is. According to the text, officers mistaken personality based on how Mary Maloney looks because Mary was crying and tearing that she was shock that her husband got assassinated. It says in the text, â€Å" Is he dead, she cried. † (Dahl, 4) Police would never accused a person who is there acting like she cared about what happen. So we should not get confused based on how people act and dress on the outside because we don’t know if their just faking it. Since people this day are two fake faces. And it means that they have two face that are fake; one are being really but fake in inside and the other one is just being itself, fake person. So don’t get attract just because their nice in outside because their outside doesn’t mean anything. In conclusion, we should not judge people by how they dress, look and act on outside of them because that is not who really they are. We need to be in their inside before start judging. We need to know the person better before we start accusing anything on them because judging not knowing who really they are isn’t right. Its really bad thing to judge people who you really don’t know and plus your just proving yourself that your a really hater. Also don’t judge a person base on stereotype.